Group lesson for teenagers

The "Black Pirates Ski Gang" is our group for teenagers, who are already really good skiers and want  to explore our ski area with their peers and a cool instructor.  In addition to the perfect carving technique, the program also includes freestyle and freeride. In the Rookiepark in Rußbach, we find the best conditions to try out our first tricks. Further on we have small kickers, straight box, rainbow box and much more in Gosau and in Snowpark Dachsteiwest .

  • course starts every monday in peak season (registration up to one day in advance)
  • PLEASE NOTE: course duration this year from 09.45 - 12.45
  • safetytraining every week, ski race on request

ATTENTION: Program change due to COVID-19

It is very important to us to be able to hold ski courses that are as safe as possible. That is why we are offering our compact 3-hour courses in the current season also in the main season (instead of the previous full-day courses). We want to prevent infection by holding distance, handling the fun program within the groups and wearing mouth and nose protection wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained. Supervision at lunchtime or a break for groups in a ski hut as part of the full-day course is not compatible with our safety concept and unfortunately has to be canceled this winter. More information about the measures here.


Black Pirates 2020/21: 3 hour-program

snack & drink included
course time from 09.45 - 11.45



1 day

EUR 72,-

3 days

EUR 184,-
4 or 5 days EUR 204,-

minimum 5 participants


NEW: Workshops

- compact short lessons 

  • in peak season only (26th of Dec - 10 th of Jan, and in February)
  • 2,5 hours from 13.30 - 16.00
  • registration up to one day in advance 
  • minimum participants: 4 people
  • price: EUR 58,- (special price for kids, who join at least 3 days ski- or snowboard school in the same week - EUR 29,-)






Workshop for sportive skiers and snowboarders, Freestyle - first tries on kickers, boxes and rails & slopestyle tricks

meeting point: 13.30 at Snowpark Dachstein West


Snowboard Kickstarter

for beginners aged 8+ - for your first tries on Snowboard

or reserve



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